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Acetylene and oxygen tanks should  be securely fastened to a dolly or stand to prevent their falling or being knocked over. Acetylene tanks should only be used while in an upright position.

Welding and cutting operations shall be performed only by authorized personnel under proper supervision.

Sparks from welding are a real hazard. Proper fire extinguishers shall be immediately available. Localized ventilation shall be used when necessary.

Safety in leak checking...Always use soapy water -- not matches -- to check for leaks in hoses, fittings, and valves in welding equipment. Proper eye protection shall be worn when observing welding or cutting operations, also when chipping slag. Material that has been recently welded should be marked hot or  to avoid burns.

Oxygen acetylene torch units need to be lit with proper ignition equipment and not with matches or cigarettes. Keep oil in any form away from oxygen sources.

Operations performed outside the shop shall be conducted ONLY after an inspection and an approval by the EHS Department. After the EHS Department has determined that the area is safe to weld, a welding permit shall be issued for that location, valid only for that day. Below are a number of links to OSHA and to other sources for welding safety.

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