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Hobart TIG welders

Manufacturer profile: Hobart Tig Welding

A guide to Hobart Tig Welder Selection and Applications

From Hobart's site: "Often called TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas), this welding process joins metals by heating them with a tungsten electrode which should not become part of the completed weld. Filler metal is sometimes used and argon inert gas or inert gas mixtures are used for shielding. Consumables: tungsten electrode, filler metal, shielding gas. The TIG process requires a high skill level."

The Hobart Tigmate TIG Welder

The TIGMATE™ is a complete AC/DC, TIG and Stick welding package. All you need is a bottle of argon shielding gas or your choice of Stick electrodes and you're ready to start welding. In the TIG mode, the TIGMATE™ offers superior performance: 18 gauge to 3/16 in. (1.2 to 4.8 mm) steel and stainless steel; 14 gauge to 3/16 in. (1.8 to 4.8 mm) aluminum. For thicker metals, take advantage of the Stick mode using 3/32 and 1/8 in. (2.4 and 3.2 mm) electrodes.

TIG welding tips from Hobart

  1. Use Argon shielding for steel, stainless, and aluminum.

  2. Use DC-Straight Polarity (DCEN) for steel and stainless. Use AC for aluminum.

  3. Always use a push technique with the TIG torch

  4. Match the tungsten electrode size with the collet size.

  5. Aluminum - use a pure tungsten, AWS Class EWP (green identifying
    band). Will form a balled-end in AC.

  6. Steel and stainless steel - use a 2% thoriated tungsten, AWS Class
    EWTH-2 (red identifying band). Prepare a pointed-end for DCEN
    welding. (Refer to Diagram 11. Tungsten Preparation)

  7. When welding a fillet, the leg of the weld should be equal to the thickness of the parts welded. (Refer to Diagram 10. Recommended Fillet Weld Thickness).

Hobart TIG welders are top quality products widely available. Consider Hobart's wide range of accessories and options for its TIG welding machines. Hobart also offers welding accessories, data, and information.

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