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Lincoln Mig Welders

Reviews & information on Lincoln MIG welders

Lincoln Electricís MIG welders are part of  a grand tradition. I've used several at various jobs, and think they are some of the more solid welders around.

Lincoln Welders are a proven industry leader with over 100 years of design experience. Lincoln offers a wide selection of welders including models such as the 175 Amp TIG Welder, the Lincoln Weld Pak, and MIG Lincoln Welders. There are a lot of options for your new Lincoln mig welder. There are very few companies that still display the high standards that Lincoln Welders have achieved.

Lincoln's commitment to providing the most innovative, cost-effective, quality mig welders and cutting solutions has guided the company for more than a century. Its technological leadership and worldwide manufacturing and distribution resources, enables Lincoln to provide great M.I.G. welding machines for a variety of jobs.

Lincoln Mig Welders: General Usage

I recommend using a compact 115volt input (or 230 volt) Lincoln MIG wirefeeder welder indoors on clean new steels 24 to 12 gauge thick.

12 gauge is around 1/8" thick. 24 gauge is less than 1/16" thick. The smallest wire will make it the easiest to MIG weld the thinnest material. If you need to MIG weld 1/8" to 1/4" thick material, you will need the higher capacity compact machine which will require 230 volt input.

Lincoln says the higher amperage range of this machine can better handle your welding needs in a single pass and you may not have to waste time with more passes. The 230 volt machine could also run .035" diameter wire. To MIG weld material more than 1/4" thick, you need a higher capacity truly industrial Lincoln mig welder machine. If most of your welding will be performed indoors on clean material that is less than 1/8" thick, a Lincoln MIG welder  that operates on 115 volts is probably your best bet for economic reasons in that a 230 volt input machine will be more expensive.

Advantages of Lincoln Mig Welders

  • Lincoln mig welders are the best choice when cosmetic appearance is an issue since it provides lower spatter levels than flux-cored. The arc is soft and less likely to burn through thin material.

  • The lower spatter associated with Lincoln MIG also means no slag to chip off and faster cleaning time.

  • MIG is the easiest type of welding to learn and is more forgiving. Procedure settings are more forgiving.

    Lincoln Mig Welders - Available Models

    Lincoln Mig Welders, Light Duty Lincoln Electric SP-135T

    The SP-135T Lincoln Mig Welder is a MIG & flux-cored wire feeder/welder that has been specifically designed for home workshops, auto-body repair, and light-maintenance. It can weld stainless steel and aluminum. The Lincoln SP-135T mig welder is lightweight runs on residential (120V) power. The SP-135T Lincoln mig welder is great for the occasional welder.

    Designed for .023-. 030" solid MIG wire and .035" flux-cored wire. Suitable for welding .023-. 030" stainless steel and .035" aluminum. High capacity output filter capacitor for excellent MIG welding using CO2 or Argon/CO2 gas blends. Processes MIG, Flux-Cored

    Lincoln Mig Welders, SP-135 Plus Light Duty

    I've said before, Lincoln makes great mig welders and this welder is another example.

    The SP-135 Plus Lincoln Mig welder gives you a wire feeder and welder with features that allow anyone to make great welds! It is one of the few portable, MIG & flux-cored packages on the market to feature continuous voltage adjustment for tight procedure control. Lincoln MIG welders with a convenient 115V input and 135 amps of welding power you can weld a multitude of applications from home and farm repair projects to body work in automotive shops. These Lincoln  mig welders are also great for welding stainless steel and aluminum.

    Lincoln MIG welders Electric SP-175T 208/230/1/60 V K1875

    This Lincoln mig welder features portable power. These welders are ideal for those who have 230V input power and want the ease and outstanding arc performance that a wire feeder mig welder delivers.

    The Lincoln SP-175T welder is great for MIG and flux-cored welding applications on virtually any light gauge material including stainless and aluminum. It is compact, portable, and can be used for home, hobby, automotive, truck trailer, and farm.

    Advantage Lincoln: For MIG welding steel, stainless steel and aluminum. This Lincoln mig welder package includes gun and cable, work clamp and cable, input power cord, guide tubes and drive rolls, gas solenoid valve, gas regulator, and spool of wire.

    Recommended Lincoln mig welder Options: Utility Cart, Innershield Welding Kit, Aluminum Feeding Kit Processes MIG, Flux-Cored

    Lincoln mig welders are excellent machines, good for a variety of mig jobs. Welders swear by them, justifiably so.

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