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Century Mig Welders

Century mig welders - some models and information.  Century MIG welders are commonly available at large home improvement shops I've used their AC/DC arc welder and was impressed with its cost/performance.

Century makes a good welder, although it has a less than stellar reputation in some quarters. I used one at a technical school, and found it to be a steady and reliable mig welder. While parts availability in some locales can be an issue for Century mig welders, with the advent of the internet, it is relatively easy to find Century mig welder parts and components.

One person said, "I've owned a Century 90 amp MIG welder for 4 or 5 years now. Never a problem with the unit and I've put three large reels of 0.024" wire through it. The one time I thought I had a problem the people at Century were very helpful. Century may not be one of the "big three" but they have been around for a very long time."

Century Wire-Feed Mig Welder, 210 Amp

Century Wire-Feed Mig Welder, 270 Amp

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