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Miller Arc Welders

A wide range of durable and functional welders

Miller makes some good stick welders. Stick is the most basic welding process, offers the easiest option for joining steel and other metals. Stick welding power sources deliver inexpensive options for welding versatility, portability and reliability. Stick joins metals when an arc is struck between the electrode and the work piece.

Miller Arc welders: Stick

Some stick welder models include the CST-280, a durable yet lightweight Stick/TIG welding power source designed for construction industry. 280 amps of output is ideal for stick electrodes up to 3/16 in and TIG welding pipe and plate.

The Gold Star 302 is prevalent in industries from steel erection to shipbuilding, from foundries to refineries, the Gold Star Series from Miller is known by welders the world over for rugged, reliable performance and superior arc characteristics.

The portable MAXSTAR 150 S is a best-of-class - provides maximum portability and performance in most compact Stick package in the industry. Packs dependability and performance all in one machine.

Miller Mig Welders

More Miller Mig Details

MIG and flux cored welding offer advantages over other welding processes, especially for the novice. With these two processes, the welding machine creates an arc between the work piece (what you want to weld) and a continuously consumable electrode (the "wire" in these wire welding processes). The operator need only focus on directing the MIG gun at the joint and proper motion.

MILLERMATIC DVI, the Millermatic DVI (Dual Voltage Input) is the first Millermatic that easily plugs into either 115 or 230 Volt power. Six taps provide welding range of 30 - 175 Amps with superior performance throughout its operating range. Welds materials from 22 gauge up to 3/8 in on 230 V power, and 22 gauge up to 3/16 in on 115 V power. M-10 MIG gun features durable on-piece handle, unicable outer jacket, and is trigger rated for one million cycles.

Miller Tig Welders

More on Miller TIG welders

Miller bills itself as the undisputed tig leader. The TIG process lets you weld thinner material than other processes. If you want to solve problems related to burn-through or warping when Stick or wire welding, TIG might be the solution. TIG also provides excellent fusion. While it's hard to learn, takes a lot of skill and is slow, the quality of a TIG weld bead meets the needs of aerospace, power piping and other critical applications.

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