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Lincoln Arc Welders

Lincoln manufactures some of the finest welding machines in the world...

pipe welding with an arc welder

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Arc welders can be either TIG, MIG, or Stick. Lincoln welders are generally considered an elite brand. They offer a large line of arc welders.

Some Lincoln arc welder models...

Light Duty SP-135 Plus K1874-2

The SP-135 Plus combines a wire feeder and welder with features that allow anyone to make great welds! It is one of the few portable, MIG & flux-cored packages on the market to feature continuous voltage adjustment for tight procedure control. With a convenient 115V input and 135 amps of welding power you can weld a multitude of applications from home and farm repair projects to body work in automotive shops. Also great for welding stainless steel and aluminum. Great for welding steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Solid state output control for long life and repetitive welding applications. Designed for .023"-.030" solid MIG wire and .035" flux-cored wire. For welding 24 gauge through 5/16" mild steel plate. Suitable for welding with .023"-.035" stainless steel and .035" aluminum.

Lincoln Precision Tig 185

Precision TIG 185 for general fabrication, automotive/motorsports, vocational schools or the serious hobbyist. Professional features like patented Micro-Start™ Technology ensure a soft start throughout the amperage range. Patented Auto-Balance™ takes the guesswork out of optimizing cleaning action versus penetration. Standard Pulse control makes it easy to gain even greater heat control on thin materials.

Lincoln Electric Power MIG™ 300

The Power MIG 300 is a single phase, multi-process, synergic wire feeder welding package for the professional welder. This ready-to-weld package is unbeatable when it comes to superior multi-process welding. The synergic design, traditionally only available in more expensive power sources, gives you the ultimate control over the arc by automatically aligning wire feed speed and voltage. It also offers top quality aluminum welds with push-pull wire feed capability, not usually available in competitive models. True MIG pulsing and Pulse-on-PulseTM capabilities ensure that superior feeding is matched by high quality arc performance.

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